Updating peer guardian

As they say, PG2 (or BLM for that matter) is only as good as the lists it uses.

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Maybe the traffic limiting to PG has started already? Many of the blocklists at bluetack are already incorporated into PG2.

People who have doubled up on lists are putting a strain on the Bluetack servers updating PG2. Furthermore, Bluetack have changed a file extension, which may cause a problem, if it is then, download PG2 and reinstall. I've reinstalled PG and its still not updating So I got list manager and when I click, check sources then process (to download the new lists, like the old version did) it gives errors, one of which being that it doesnt know the frackin sources....wtfark Okay, so you've opened PG.

Peer Guardian is a free and open source program developed by Phoenix Labs.

It is capable of blocking incoming and outgoing connections based on IP blacklists.

My computer, running Windows 7, stores these lists in the directory - C:\Program Files\Peer Block\lists There is no way to identify the download url's on the I-Blocklist site, but the ones I was using before this problem arose are still working for me at the moment - [list.iblocklist.com] [list.iblocklist.com] [list.iblocklist.com] [list.iblocklist.com] [list.iblocklist.com] [list.iblocklist.com] [list.iblocklist.com] [list.iblocklist.com] [list.iblocklist.com] The Bluetack lists (e.g. So they're probably done, because hardly anyone will pay for some lists, if there is a better way of spending money - VPN. subscription-based services, which no one uses anymore, because of free competition. For readers of this message who may be unaware of the issues a "good" VPN gives "perfect" anonymity PB, by contrast, blocks only "known" IPs [and then only when constant updating is done on the list(s) being used] so apparenlty i was wrong. You can get alot of their lists on other websites although i'm not gonna post where. I'd only get a vpn if I already had trouble with law enforcement, a criminal organization, my isp, or in an oppressive country, but I'm not and never have so a vpn is not worth the money to me.