Updating ps2 software

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by Dave Hikel The following article was written by Dave Hikel, a custom layout designer from Washington who deploys both DCS and Lionel's TMCC command control system on the layouts he produces.

Special thanks to Woodshire Bill and John Lovell for their assistance in creating this article. This is part one of a two-part tutorial on how to install the DCS Loader software and how to get the most reliable performance from each feature.

Most of the changes for this quarter are more technical than usual so I apologize in advance for some of the explanations. Read more: Q3 2016 progress report Hey everyone and welcome to another spectacular PCSX2 progress report!

As you may have read in the last report we have moved from doing reports monthly to quarterly in order to better focus our manpower.

2017 progress report The PCSX2 development and tester team wishes you a happy new emulation year, with new rigs and less PCSX2 bugs!