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It has all the usually features of any package management utilities if you are familiar with Linux distros.I would also suggest installing python_select via Mac Ports and using that to select which python you want "active" (it will change the symlinks to point to the version you want).

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Easy to set up, and written in a relatively straightforward style with immediate feedback on errors, Python is a great choice for beginners and experienced developers alike.

Python 3 is the most current version of the language and is considered to be the future of Python.

We’ll be completing most of our installation and set up on the command line, which is a non-graphical way to interact with your computer.

That is, instead of clicking on buttons, you’ll be typing in text and receiving feedback from your computer through text as well.

To install Homebrew, just follow the instructions on their website (which I linked to at the beginning of this section).