Updating sendmail cf

For example, the default file is not configured for UUCP.If someday you needed to send and receive mail over UUCP, you'd need to install the sendmail-cf package to help you reconfigure Sendmail.

That's the typical headache: I have something where I'd like to just add something to and generate a new

So I do so, but now a bunch of stuff doesn't work (because someone did the manually or edited it) so it's line by line examination to see what they were trying to get done.

For some of my Drupal sites and PHP scripts (and shell scripts) that I run on a VPS I manage, I need to simply be able to send outgoing emails from arbitrary email addresses.

I could go into all the details of DNS SPF records and MX records here, but that's something you'll need to research on your own.

And of course files are only a little bit more comprehensible than raw files to start with.