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This new feature would provide you more efficiency in Storing, Retrieving and Querying temporary data from and in memory.Normal Table Variables are created in tempdb and utilize it for their entire life. If I use the @Table Varin the where clause it says that I need to define the variable? That's not to say it doesn't work in SQL Server, and in fact,after posting up the question I went away and rewrote the queriesusing your method. Frequently I get frustrated at things in MS-SQL that seem wrong, given my Oracle background.

In this tip we will compare the performance of these two temporary objects using a few straightforward scenarios.

For those of us that aren't familiar with all the technical differences between the two objects here is a great tip that covers all you need to know regarding the differences between temporary tables and table variables.

G'day lads and ladies, I've decided to rewrite some old stored procs to make them more efficientand decided to use table variables and everything is going well . except, I'm having some issues trying to use Update statements with thetable variable. It's even more frustrating if you need to refer to the table you're updating twice!

I have been unable to use the Table variable in any where clause at allbut have solved this in other query types by using an alias in the From,e.g. It's just I don't like it, its conceptually wrong in my book. But in MS-SQL, you should include the table you're updating in the from clause.

To create memory optimized tables, the database must have a MEMORY_OPTIMIZED_FILEGROUP that is online and has at least one container.