Updating the river city simulation

This standard deals with multi-dimensional gridded data and multi-dimensional multi-point data.

Solidum, Kenji Okazaki, Tatsuo Narafu, Junzo Sakuma, Koichi Kusunoki, Toshikazu Hanazato Precise distribution of seismic intensity at the southern area of Iwate Prefecture, Japan, by a high density questionnaire survey - Results of the Iwate-Miyagi Nairiku Earthquake in 2008, the 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake and the aftershock occurred at April 7, 2011Asthildur Elva Bernhardsdottir, Solveig Thorvaldsdttir, Ragnar Sigbjrnsson, Gemma Musacchio, Rosella Nave, Susanna Falsaperla, Fabio Sansivero, Gaetano Zonno, Maria Lusa Sousa, Alexandra Carvalho, S.

Demircioglu, Cuneyt Tuzun, Domenico Giardini, Babak Mansouri, Sarosh Hashmat Lodi, Hanan Al-Nimry, Nino Tseretelli, Gohar Hovhannisyan, Christis Z. Helou Robin Spence, Roxane Foulser-Piggott, Antonios Pomonis, Helen Crowley, Philippe Guguen, Angelo Masi, Leonardo Chiauzzi, G.

But they receive high-quality infrastructure and services, with advanced telecommunications systems ensuring that their activities are part of the national (and global) urban-industrial system. In the less developed world, it quadrupled, growing from 286 million to 1.14 billion. Over only 60 years, the developing world's urban population increased tenfold, from around 100 million in 1920 to close to 1 billion in 1980.

At the same time, its rural population more than doubled.

This standard specifies the CF-net CDF data model extension.