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) classify them according to regularities that they may exhibit: the presence of patterns, of some order, also sometimes referred to as structures or symmetries, is begging for “explanations” and is thus the nucleation point of modeling; () use inductive reasoning, intuition, analogies, and so on, to build hypotheses from which a model is constructed (by model, we understand an abstract conceptual construction based on axioms and logical relations developed to extract logical propositions and predictions); ( with available observations, and then extract predictions that are tested against new observations or by developing dedicated experiments.

The model is then rejected or refined by an iterative process, a loop going from .

For example, we can make a good guess about the number of points a basketball player will score in his next game based on the player's historical performance, the opponent's quality, and various other factors.

But it's impossible to account for every variable that affects the number of points scored every game.

Does the scope of this validation change depending on the intended use of the model?


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