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Moreover, Ivanovic was training in Australia for some time already, and Verdasco was nowhere to be seen. Also, Ana lost in the quarterfinals of the Brisbane International, but she didn’t stay at the tournament to watch Fernando, who went all the way to the finals. And many players will envy the simple stability of Rafael Nadal, who will celebrate ten years with his shy hometown girlfriend, Xisca Perello this year.

Errani, the world number 44, has won three encounters on the red dust although no top player is among her conquests.

A renowned and god gifted tennis player; “Ana Ivanovic” is one of the top world tennis player.

Apparently the two were also shot outside his hotel the morning after spending the night together, the implication therefore being that she’s stepping out on Joe Vagina Virgin. They were still together as recently as November, pictured shopping in Madrid – attached.

Then he moved on to Caroline Wozniacki, and now supposedly tapping Camilla Belle which is interesting because, opportunist that she is, rumour has it she made a play a while back for Rafael Nadal who wasn’t having any of it at all.

Not sure how far Fernando will take her…Wouldn’t bet on this lasting very long.