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I would go out drinking, but chose to just stay in drinking, because St Patrick’s Day really brings out the worst quality girls in the world.

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Sure enough, Brendan had gone into the cop-shop a week ago and reported the matter to them ...

but no one at the station could be arsed to follow it up at the time (I wonder why? Dave told them that there was no way he was going to pay Jen any money to keep her away from court, as he was really looking forward to getting in there and having his say about the whole charade.

Maybe I hang in the wrong dive bars…because our friend and brilliant photographer CAVAN CLARK has a very different impression or Luck of the Irish on St Patrick’s Day with this amazing girl named Stefanie Knight …and the amazing thing, since I’ve got the inside info, is that these aren’t retouched, straight from Camera in a world of lies…amazing.

She’s got me lucky charms and she’s magically delicious. This is a themed shoot worth lookin’ at….cereal bikini for life.

Dave was interviewed and charged with (attempting to?


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