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The real question however is: who's the best out of the three? Was she very useful or tried to be useful for them in that area?Willow once had accused Buffy of being selfish, that all Buffy cared about was herself and having Willow to listen to her problems, what about Willow's problems? Who's the one who tried to help her to get Xander to notice her? Who's the one who was by Willow's side when she had discovered the bodies in Prophecy Girl? Yes, gotta admit that Willow was more helpful and supportive to Buffy's relationship with Angel, but that doesn't mean that Buffy had never been there for Willow.because in there you find betrayal, selfishness and distrust. Let's start with each one: Okay, this girl had rescued her friends whenever they were in danger.

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Andrew is around for no apparent reason, and the cat lady still went on a date with Xander. "Willow: "My boyfriend at the time."Lorne: "I think babyface here has some women issues."Connor: "You were dating someone else too!? "Cordelia: "Tact sucks."Xander: "Much like Angel."Angel: "Hey! "Angel: "I don't think they cared."Connor: "Was he better than me? I met her at Home Depot, with Andrew."Wes: "Who's Andrew? "Willow: "His friend killed my girlfriend."Connor: "Girlfriend? as in just the one try to destroy the world."Wes: "You tried to destroy the world? "Willow: "No, Xander stopped me."Lorne: "Angel, I think you need to have a talk with your son about girl's having girlfriends."Faith: "Whoa, wait, Xander stopped you? "Gunn: "I knew he was suicidal."Xander: "I prefer the 'I love you' part"Connor: "You love her, too? Fine."Faith: "And yet of them I'm the only one he's had sex with."Xander: "Except Anya"Fred: "What happened with Anya? "Lorne (watching Cordy, Willow, and Faith roll around on the floor pulling each other's hair): "So this is heaven."Willow: "He was my first love, too! "Gunn: "I'll be back, getting the video camera."Xander: "Good thinking."Willow: "Whoever's hand is grabbing me, STOP, we aren't dating! "Xander: "There are four of you, and we have some time. they raise a good point."Faith: "So does he."Xander grins and leads the ladies up the stairs Xander (yelling behind him):"Sorry guys...

All the stuff up to Orpheus happened in Angel, except that Cordy's not evil or pregnant. I called him on it."Xander (to Angel): "You called me on it, like when I had to call you on it to help me save her life from The Master? "Willow: (muttering) "Football team says the same of you."Connor: "Hey! "Xander: "Cordy, I thought you disliked tact and not saying true things."Faith: "Wait, is Cordy the one who taught you to do that thing? "Willow: "With your tongue."Faith: "Yeah, that."Cordy: "Yes, ladies, you can thank me for that."All look at Xander Xander: "While kissing folks. "Cordy: "Umm...."Lorne: "Connor, never ask a woman that question."Connor: "Why? Lots of guys could learn from the Xan-man here"Willow: "And that was before Anya."Fred: (uncomfortable with the sex talk) So what was Dracula like? "Xander: "My ex-fianc"Wes: "Former vengeance demon."Willow: "He left her at the altar."Lorne: "Are you suicidal? "Xander: "Ex-vengeance demon"Willow: "Who then got her powers back"Xander: "And now doesn't have them anymore, again."Gunn: "Wait, you piss off Angelus, threaten a Slayer, date Cordy AND jilt a former vengeance demon? "Willow: "And there was Ampata, the life sucking mummy."Angel: "Didn't I hear something about a praying mantis woman? "Xander: "I had a crush on a teacher who turned out to be a giant praying mantis."Willow: "She only wanted him because he was a virgin."Xander: "Angel, will you turn me then stake me, please? "Willow: "Well, there was that, too."Xander: "She's been my best friend since forever."Cordy: "He's always loved her."Xander: "And I always will."Connor: "But I thought he loved Buffy."Angel: "He does."Xander: "Loved her too."Cordy: "Loved? "Willow: "Who he also loves."Connor: "You love another too? "Cordy: "Well, he'd still be mine if it hadn't been for you! "Wes: "We have some cold beverages in the fridge."Lorne: "I'll get... Guys: "Oh, that's gross."Angel backhand's Connor, knocking him out. Willow: "I don't know who's hand that is, but either stop it or let me thank you later! Wait, I will bite." (screams from pile)Gunn: "Plus, what if Connor wakes up and gets all drooly over Fred like he is over Cordy? and I've had lots of practice since then."Gunn: "He couldn't possibly"Wes: "I think he's going to."Gunn: "I mean, that is my girlfriend in there."Xander: "What I'm saying is, ladies...

Also Willow herself asked Kennedy to shut up in Get It Done and let Buffy do her thing, it was a fine example that Willow, even when she's more powerful than Buffy, trusted Buffy's leadership.

Buffy is also a strong confident woman, and she proved that in S7.

The History of Willow: Prior to Buffy’s Arrival Willow Danielle Rosenberg is the daughter of Sheila and Ira Rosenberg.