Who is adrian grenier dating

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The couple has started their relationship recently, at least they decided to go public not at the first stage of their relationship.

Adrian is 36 years old and Adrian Grenier girlfriend is a decade younger than him, only 26 years old. It appears that they both have known each other for some time, before they decoded to become something more than just friends, because Adrian Grenier girlfriend has interviewed him a couple of years ago, when he was releasing his documentary Teenage Paparazoo.

We may never know which of his ex-girlfriends he prefers, but speculate as you look at this list.

Rumor has it that Adrian Grenier had a fling with Courtney Bingham in 2010.

Adrian Grenier is officially not available anymore, because the actor has been starting a relationship with the new Adrian Grenier girlfriend named Sarah Austin.


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