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Tom eventually corners Alice and confirms that she’s who he thinks she is, though he can hardly believe it.

Revealing anything more than that would require stripping the film of one of its key pleasures, which is simply provoking the question “What the hell is going on here?

There are so many handsome and charming male actors out there, but some of the hottest are under 30.

The guys who made our hot male actors under 30 list are all as good-looking as they are talented and definitely deserve recognition. Liam is a gorgeous Australian actor who first came to our attention when he starred alongside Miley Cyrus in The Last Song (2010).

No sooner does she say this, however, than the movie abruptly cuts to Weisz in a surgeon’s smock, attempting to calm a badly wounded patient on an operating table. Seconds later, Weisz is Mae, a magician’s assistant in what appears to be China.