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But most of Fifth was recorded in the room we’re sitting in, he insists, and he’s still a Londoner at heart. “The sense of humour, the language, the subcultures, the colloquialisms and slang. But you miss the edge a bit when you go to America.

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After a session of Thai boxing the 28-year-old Bow-born rapper has been driven from his home in Kent to his recording studio in Forest Hill and “some weed” has been consumed on the way. The video is a riff on the London riots in which a gang of menacing-looking masked hoodies perform good deeds, like some boy scout grime posse.

It’s funny not just because of the inversion of expectation, but because Dizzee himself is miles away, geographically and financially, from the disruptive, council-house kid who released the Mercury Prize-winning Boy in Da Corner 10 years ago.

Around the age of 14, Dizzee Rascal became an amateur drum and bass DJ, also MCing (rapping) over tracks as customary in sound system culture, and making occasional appearances on local pirate radio stations.

During his early career, Dizzee worked with his mentor Wiley to create the still-unreleased song "We Ain't Having It" and rapped on some Sidewinder recordings.

He made some instrumentals including "Go" and "Ho" and "Streetfighter", which used some music from a video game.