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These days, she can also be seen performing in the satirical Swedish pop band Sparhusen (debuting during this year’s SXSW) and the Blu-ray and DVD release of Being There, in which she shares her memories of visiting Melvyn Douglas on the set. They’re looking for someone to dub screams for Mary Magdalene.” And I said, “It says right on my résumé: ‘Special skills: bloodcurdling scream’”—because you have to have something funny or interesting to get a job. I couldn’t figure out if they really needed me to do all these voices, or if it was just because of my vast knowledge of movies and Mel Brooks routines. This is a very longwinded story, but as we were doing the dubbing for Last Temptation, he said, “You remind me of Rosanna Arquette. ” And they said, “Well, it doesn’t work like that.” And I said, “But if I have the job, I can go down the hall and tell Peggy I quit.” They thought that was funny, so they were like, “Okay, you’ve got the job.” It was one of the easiest auditions ever. [Laughs.] It’s hard to look at that movie, because I’m smiling inappropriately throughout—because I was just so excited. ” They looked at me and said, “You’re so naïve.” But you know, it was 7 a.m. ” She was like, “No, he really likes you.” AVC: Was there always a clear line between the way he treated you professionally and the way he courted you? We were friends for a while before we started dating. I had a routine in my stand-up—and I have to keep pointing out that this was the late ’80s—called “Raging Bullwinkle.” You know, I’d do Jake La Motta as the moose, Joe Pesci as the squirrel. At this point, he’d obviously taken an interest in me. You know, we hadn’t started dating yet, and I’m like, “Is this a casting-couch situation?

The Last Temptation Of Christ (1988)—“Voice In Crowd” New York Stories (1989)—“Paulette’s Friend” Illeana Douglas: This is a famous story. I was working for a publicist named Peggy Siegal, and I had given my picture and résumé to Martin Scorsese’s casting director. Sure enough, she’s like, “Can you come down at 5 and just, like, scream for Marty? I met Thelma [Schoonmaker], Michael Powell was there. They were all sitting there in the dark, and they’re like, “Well, let’s hear it.” So I did my scream, and they all laughed and applauded. I want you to audition for New York Stories.” It was right down the hall, so I did. I shared a dressing room with Blondie, which was unbelievable. ID: Pretty much me trying not to sing “Heart Of Glass.” It’s impossible when you meet someone who’s that iconic. [Laughs.] We were rehearsing a fight scene where he was supposed to throw Steve Buscemi through this glass. ” [Laughs.] Because we were supposedly going to talk about this part, but I’d read this script, and there really wasn’t a part.

He teaches at university level, invented a technology, started a company and sold it.

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Speaking at the Guardian Hay Festival in Powys, Mid Wales, the 53-year-old said: “He was hot, he was steaming, our clothes kept on getting less and less.