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Like so many of her countrymen before her, the British pop singer Paloma Faith is determined to conquer America.

However, like fewer of them, she arrives on our shores with a ringing endorsement from Satan.

"I was the devil's girlfriend, which is the perfect role for me," Faith explains dryly to .

For it, the ardent Waits fan spent hours rehearsing lines with him on-set – and, later, shielding him from the clamor of Hollywood. He was hiding behind me at the premiere, saying" – and this she delivers in an impeccably gravelly impersonation – "'.'" Faith is banking on these media-savvy charms to translate her fame beyond the United Kingdom, where the 26-year-old is a bona fide pop star with two hit records and increasing notoriety.

Your loyalty is a gift and astounds me every album release.