Who is sarah mclachlan dating now

But it did take me a long while to be able to write again because I was just too far down a deep dark hole to do anything," she says.

Award winning singer/songwriter Sarah Mc Lachlan’s most recent album is aptly titled Shine On, which is exactly what she is doing.

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It’s a refreshing change from the last few turbulent years for the singer — a divorce, the loss of her beloved father and brother, and the severing of ties from both her management and record company of 23 years.

“Life is lumpy — you don’t get to this point in your life unscathed,” she says.

I started writing it over four years ago, and I did not plan for it to take that long, but making the album was punctuated by a lot of different things slowing me down, derailing it and just distracting me generally.

I didn’t see this desperate need to get this record out, you have to sharpen the saw, and you have to go away and experience things and work through things and have something to write about.

"Apparently that's a bit of an epidemic, so I just make light of it." PHOTOS: Better after breakup!