Who is sela ward dating

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About five years prior to the series, she was Gregory House's live-in girlfriend for the prior five years.

She is currently married to high-school guidance counselor and porphyria patient Mark Warner. About ten years prior to the start of the series, Stacy met House at a paintball tournament between lawyers and doctors when she successfully shot House and put him out of the game.

On "Kevin Can Wait" - the most-watched new comedy on broadcast TV last season - James stars as Kevin Gable, a newly retired cop who is thrilled... As any armchair detective or avid Investigation Discovery channel viewer can tell you, such grim scenarios are standard fare for true crime...“Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly” was many things for many people.

Her body was discovered in a vacant lot, remote wooded area, dumpster or car trunk. For the former Fox personality, it was her major coming-out party on NBC.

Battle, who played football for Northwestern University, met Season 13 star Rachel Lindsay...