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She is his girlfriend, but not only this; she also is his fiancé and soon wife to be. She has been known as Amy Cook, because she has been married before becoming Dale Earnhardt Jr. Amy met her former husband in college and they got married in their early age.

Cook’s friend and his former best man in the wedding revealed that their marriage did not last for two years, because Amy started seeing Dale and that put an end to her relationship with Cook. girlfriend Amy made a bad choice when she started dating him when her marriage was not finished yet, but he also notes that his son has passes all of the emotions that he had and he has moved on from Amy.

The loves, exes and relationships of Sean Penn, listed by most recent.

Now that Sean Penn's no longer married, it'll be interesting to see what Hollywood starlets he hooks up with.

'I’ve had those moments where I was like the guy holding the purse at events and people just looked right through me,' he said in the June issue of GQ magazine.


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