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The goal of the paper is to present the facts through due diligence and sound research and let the reader decide on their viewpoint and where they stand on the issue.

The Primary and Secondary Ethical Issues of Concern to Corporate Leaders Productivity Relationships in the workplace can put strains on not only work performance but also put strain on the individuals involved.

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Cultural attitudes toward workplace romances are shifting.

According to a 2010 survey conducted by, a company for career intelligence, 60% of workers have participated in an office romance.

I'm not talking about the daily disagreements that employees may experience at work. But, long lasting conflict that is negatively affecting work and people must be resolved.

And, this kind of conflict can pose a challenge because employees demonstrate that they can't resolve it alone. Mediating a conflict is challenging, but as a manager or supervisor, the role of mediator comes with your territory.

More than 30% have even admitted to having a "romantic liaison" while on company property.