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Deep down inside I wondered if those men were the same men who had passed me on the street or sat next me to in an airplane who overlooked me because I was obese. I quickly discovered that was not productive behavior and I had to stop doing it. I remember thinking, “Well, I guess if I don’t receive any emails then I’m too overweight for anyone to be interested.” At the time I was only 65 lbs.

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In hindsight, I made the mistake of giving too much power to men to judge me based on a profile and pictures when in fact I had just as much to evaluate about them as they did me.

MBL: What was that first online dating experience like? I was nervous that I would be rejected even though I had posted recent pictures of myself in my profile.

One counselor for a renowned bariatric center told me, "You know who they are when they come for their follow-up.

They are wearing sassy clothes and they have hairstyles and make-up.

For younger weight loss surgery patients meeting and dating someone is a great motivator to lose weight.