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Almost banned in: Australia and New Zealand Gaspar Noé’s Irréversible received a shed-load of criticism when it first hit markets in Australia and New Zealand, with film critic Chris Banks deeming it "the most homophobic film ever released." However, it was mostly the film's brutally violent content which caused such offense, including an intense and almost unwatchable rape scene featuring Monica Bellucci.

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    He also cites a problem with profile photos: "In Japan, posting any pictures of yourself, especially selfie-style photos, comes off as really douchey." 29-year-old Japanese woman named Kana told the comedian-turned-author.

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    And, this past weekend, while promoting The Mummy in […] In “The Lie of the Land” we see a return of the cold and slightly cruel Doctor who appeared at the beginning of season seven, much to the consternation of his new best friend Bill.

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