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Remember that xsd:import's schema Location is also a hint, so we can't have just one big file that both imports and includes.Naively (i.e., before today) I'd have thought you define a language that uses this to mean "validate the file with the three xsd files specified, and figure out their namespaces." A processor for this validation language would get the locations of all the schemas required for processing, collect them together along with the target Namespaces of each, and invoke a Schema validator on the specified document.

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I've been doing some validating of documents against an XSD lately.

Validation is pretty straight forward, you take any Xml Text Reader and wrap and run it through the Xml Validating Reader.

An attempt to access it from within the element zzz generates an exception, as shown above.

If the attribute is made global, as is seen in the earlier examples, then it can be accessed from zzz too.

Schemas may reference other schemas like this: In this, and most, cases schema Location refers to a relative file.