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Isn't it appropros that Valentine's Day and Teen Dating Violence Awareness fall on the same month? I don't know how long teen violence awareness month has been around, but hopefully, with the passing of time, the resources online with get larger and larger.

As I was writing this post, I decided to do a little background research on some stats and went (where else? I was able to find some information about teen dating violence from our counselors at school. *As many as one in three teens will experience dating abuse?

Sit with that a minute: in the last year, almost 10% of teens reported having been in a relationship that involved violence.

If we believe that at least that much did not report violence in their relationship — and anyone who went to high school and took one of these surveys knows what they involve — that is a huge and startling statistic.

That means in the average classromom, as many as ten students could be hurt by their boyfriend or girlfriend - physically or emotionally.