Young adult smoking chat

These will empower you with valuable techniques, and will also strengthen your motivation and resolve.

One excellent Web MD page covers the anti-depressant smoking cessaton pill, Zyban, and the pros and cons of this prescription medication.

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I’ve helped dozens of students to successfully quit smoking. All of that enthusiasm and energy you periodically have toward quitting — put all of it into the 2-Minute Drill. Once you’ve managed to do 30 days of the 2-Minute Drill (and not before), then you can think about setting a quit date. You’re going to be an absolute mess for a few weeks after you quit. Remember, this next attempt at quitting is going to be your last one ever. So let’s say that you’ve successfully done the 2-Minute Drill for 30 days.

Keep smoking, and enjoying yourself, until you have made the 2-Minute Drill as a daily habit. Set the date far enough in advance that you can continue to do two things for a few more months — enjoy smoking, and practice the 2-Minute Drill.

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Think about how many cigarettes, day in and day out, you’ve smoked. Even when major stresses come into my life, I still don’t feel any urge to go buy a pack. Keep trying until you succeed in doing it every day for 30 days.